Monday, February 26, 2007

Handmade Bicycle Show

Yep that's right, a bunch of anal retentive frame builders will be exhibiting their wares under one roof this weekend at the San Jose convention center.
Word on the street is that next year the show heads to the east coast, so you'd better check it out while it's still local.
Wish I could post some photos of the hot frames Rick has built up, but I am under strict instruction that they are to be officially unveiled at the show.
Come by and say hi.
Check out the website at
for directions etc

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some More.......

These are from Scotty P. You can see the whole set by clicking HERE.
He also has some great pictures from the TOC prologue.

Curtis Inglis and Jeff Hantman rockin it on that sweet Retrotec tandem.

Better watch out, Bradleys coming to get you!!

Messin' with Melanie on the beach.

They don't call him Smiling George for nothing.

Homemade trophies!

Bikes bikes bikes.....

Monday, February 19, 2007

County Line Roundup #2

We have some more photos from Saturday thanks to Kirk.
The stories are rolling in, like the one about Micah who had a nasty crash on the tracks, finished the ride and then went home to get 13 stitches in his arm!! Nice!
Mr. Mike Martin riding for the devil.

This was the best part of the day. Cold beer, pepsis, cookies and sandwiches all thanks to David Gill and friends. Grant Stoner was there reminding us that it was a hot day in California baby.

Nice legs hot stuff!

Ahhh the finish......unless you were riding with Kirk, in which case he took you 10 mile detour to get to the warehouse where the party was!! It's a good thing David brought his flask with him!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

County Line Roundup

We had great turnout yesterday for some single speed suffering with over 75 people lining up at the start.
The tracks were torture, the beach was exhausting, the weather was downright hot and the views were beautiful.

Here are the brief results.

George Hope and Dan Harting sprinted for the finish at the Pajaro river, and the general consensus is that they tied.
They decided to share the trophy even though we really wanted them to have a hotdog eating contest for the tie-breaker.

Allison Baumhefner took home the trophy for the ladies. She's one tough girl.

Here's a photo from the start. (it looks very similar to the one in the last post) We managed to cause quite a traffic jam on highway 1 there for a while.

We'll write more later, right now we're still too tired.
Send us photos if you have them, we forgot our camera!

Friday, February 09, 2007

8th Annual County Line Jamboree

Hello Rally Fans
The Jamboree is coming up quick, next saturday the 17th, high noon at Waddell beach.... Come one come all.... Its shaping up to be a good year with the spring rains starting, and the fields smelling ripe with fertilizer... The rail tracks look good with extra bonus broken glass and vagrant debris... here are some pixs from previous years... Can you guess who's who ?
Bring your mono speed and stay for the potluck after at the cold storage wharehouse in Watsonville... See you all then..

Here are some photos that Mike Evans just sent us....check out the guy (cool rad bro? ) without his shirt on! (bottom photo)

Mike also added that he was surprised that no one crashed in that peloton.... something about a bunch of women flashing them as they went by??

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Home Sick

I spent the last 4 winters in Baja guiding back country kayak trips.
I loved it down there, it was home before I met Rick and moved to Santa Cruz.
It's hard to describe in words, pictures are more fun!

My old bedroom, at sunrise with a high tide!

Our kitchen somewhere along the coast from Loreto to La Paz.

Cardon Cactus near Catavina.

Rick ripping some lips, in Bahia de Los Angeles. That sure is a big skull behind him.

la familia de Hunter

Countless days spent in a kayak.

This is the best picture I ever took of a whale, most of them look like barnacle encrusted logs floating in the ocean!

Good friends, at Sunset. Twilight in Baja is like nowhere else!

Ahhhh, I miss it! especially on a rainy day like this.

Can you believe this was my job!! Sea Kayak Adventures

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tims Retro Super Cruiser

Tim lives in North Carolina, he wanted something like a turn of the century bike.
Here's how it turned out. (click photos to enlarge)

This is what Tim said.
" I built it up with high-flange Phil Wood track hubs and BB, with an old pair of 1984 C-Record 175mm cranks. Handlebars are the new Soma Major Taylor steel jobbies. I like the U-Brake bosses, I'll put in a rear one sometime. I'm running fatty Schwalbe 2.0s with a Brooks sprung saddle for all day comfort through the miles of brick-paths around here. "

Thanks Tim for sending the photos. It turned out beautiful!