Monday, February 26, 2007

Handmade Bicycle Show

Yep that's right, a bunch of anal retentive frame builders will be exhibiting their wares under one roof this weekend at the San Jose convention center.
Word on the street is that next year the show heads to the east coast, so you'd better check it out while it's still local.
Wish I could post some photos of the hot frames Rick has built up, but I am under strict instruction that they are to be officially unveiled at the show.
Come by and say hi.
Check out the website at
for directions etc


Glasgow said...

I want to go to the handmade bicycle show! Miss you guys.

Sustainable Hardwoods said...

Rock on this weekend at the show!! The new website template looks sweet. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

holy goddam, saw pic's of ricks new bikes on Garro's blog. that's some crafstmanship, and nice marketing work too, M.A.
the pesto 1spd. is very pretty. wish i could have come by. very, very good job!

Anonymous said...
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