Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rick's Riding Strong

This just in from Patrick Myall
Hi everyone,
Just spent the afternoon riding with the man himself:
Rick Rides Great Divide Gallery

Rick's doing good, he's in 3rd place out of 23 starters, with only 10 folks still in the race. He's just taking it a day at a time, but he's pushing to finish it, just riding it at tour pace.

My friend Dave "Moe" Meyer from Gunnison and I parked at Sargents around noon and headed up Marshall Pass from the west side. We found Rick heading down about 5 miles below the top, and we accompanied him for the next 35 miles or so out towards Cochetopa Pass. Around 6:15pm, at SR 114, we had a few MGD's and sent him on his way, he hoped to make Del Norte or else camp near Cochetopa pass.

Mary Anne, Rick sent the last photo out to you. Also, you should be able to copy these pics from the Picasa site to post to the blog, feel free to link the whole gallery if you want. Let me know if you have problems getting them.

Patrick in Crested Butte


Anonymous said...

Rick,..just remember the big ol' goddamn steak you will get for el mission completo.

Brent said...

right on Rick!
Beer thirty for a month when you get done.

leftcoastluna said...

"its not the destination, its the journey"

peace out


Anonymous said...

Rick sorry to get the news this morning about your knee. I'm sure Mary Ann is en route or has made plans for you not to ride home.

Anyhow just wanted to let you know you've ride in the GDR was ongoing topic on group rides here in the East Bay and that it was great to follow your progress daily online. Better than keeping up with some the pharma fueled grand tours.....

Some how I have a feeling that your not going to be done with the GDR.

your pal,

Brent said...

Sorry Rick!
Knee swelling is something that is common in endurance racing for sure and something you don't want to mess with!

Glad your safe still. Good effort.

Anonymous said...

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