Friday, September 28, 2007

friday blog down

Cross bike fever in full effect.. Heres some shots of a few recent CX frames... Light and racy... A couple shots of some basic cruiser forks, featuring the new plate arch supercrown style... New for 2008...

We here at Hunter cycles don't need to drive a Hummer, We don't need to jet ski or act tougher then we are... We have the biggest burrito in town !!!! 5$ of 3lb's of tender juicy love... No joke this is the standard super burrito from a little place called Popo's... Pictured on the scale, next to my autographed OJ football, next to a sharpie ( for scale ), then fully wrapped in all its glory...The homemade tortilla is so big you could saddle a horse with it...

Santa Cruz county fair at the Watsonville speedway... Killer dwarf car action... The kid that won the 600CC was 14 years old... TO THE FUTURE

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Anonymous said...

For scale, it really should have been placed next to your bicep.
The python is HUNGRY!