Monday, July 07, 2008

ZoMan and ZoBike

SF OG Erik " the Ringer " ZO recently won his 4th world cargo bike championships in Toronto.. Erik has been making messenger bags longer then anyone around, I still have mine which I bought in high school...Check them out--- ZoBags--- just be ready to duke it out with the Japanese on Ebay if you want one...
A few sketchy reports from Toronto include--- " hauling 170lbs of people no hands " " drinking a beer across the finish line " " I love my bike'' and " the Bilenky guys were all over it ".....
Pictures of Erik's rainbow ride below...Fixey 20" wheel collapsible cycle truck... 2nd of a batch of 3... The first one is up in Winnipeg and the 3rd one got turned into a moped...

Bike Ball

Wheres my wrench ?

Where do you want me to take this piano ?

Bike Barging

Thanks go out to Sara and Erik for the pic's, double thanks to Erik for his design input and unmatched speed and tenacity..