Monday, June 25, 2007

Quitting Cap

For those who listened to the race update yesterday and heard Rick say that he was putting his quitting cap on, here's the latest word.
It's not true, he is not bailing out of the Race, at least not yet.
He was having a hard day yesterday, but I think Southern Wyoming can do that to you. The highs and lows he's experiencing in this race are pretty extreme.
He told me that after he called in he drank a couple of Pepsi's, got back on the bike, and started feeling great. The ride was awesome, the scenery was amazing, and he was just plain enjoying being out there. He slept on top of a Mountain last night, and he was in good spirits when I spoke to him on the phone from Steamboat this morning. He said that maybe he just needs to increase the caffeine intake.
He's just taking it one day at a time right now, but things seem to be looking up.
This is one hard race that requires both physical and mental toughness. You have to admire all those guys out there.

8 comments: said...

he crazy

you crazy

ya'll crazy.

Go Rick Go

Curtis Inglis said...

Keep going Rick. You inspired me to do two hard rides back to back last week.

meh-wee-uhn said...

One day at a time...just like the drunks.

All silliness aside, it's a good way to live, and no matter what he decides to do tomorrow, he's already done a rippin' job.

Whoo hoo!

leftcoastluna said...

So happy to hear that Rick is keeping on with the race. He's NOT a quitter ! Peace & love from his Mom, Luna & Chazzee. I bet "Woody" is missing you!

Unknown said...

Hey Dude~

Good job gettin' through that part of WY...I mean really, it is frikkin hard driving in them windy-assed conditions of WY, I couldn't imagine it on a bike!

Glad to see you keep on keepin' on!

craig in MT

Unknown said...

this is a hero's journey just like the knights of old!!! we recognize that you have the courage, patience, strength and endurance to be in the moment, meet this incredible challenge, and complete it with a sense of having gone deep within to tap into your amazing resouces.

your aunt
cosmic bee

Anonymous said...

Nice Job - Rick. We're psyched to hear that you're still pedaling out there - keep it up.
PS - Curtis put his 'quitting cap' on after those two back to back rides.

Anonymous said...

Last I saw, Rick was in 4th ... go Hunter!