Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beer and Jelly Beans

That's how I'm preparing for tomorrows race in Fort Ord, I love Beer and put some candy in front of me and I eat it all!

This is what it looked like at the last Fort Ord race. This weekend is the finale in the CCCX series and it is supposed to be warm and sunny. That means only 2 really muddy races here on the Central Coast, so far. I liked the mud, and splashing through puddles at full speed like a little kid.

After this weekend there are 2 more Peak Season aka Glutton for Punishment races. Rick keeps telling me that next year I need to upgrade and race with the As, or I'm going to be called a sandbagger! I'm already nervous, I mean they are really really fast. They're going to kill me. I'll have to cut down on my consumption of Beer and Jelly Beans!

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