Monday, January 22, 2007

Speaking of Suffering

Check out these guys

Goat, Jacob and Sean are all former UCSC students on a serious adventure. Their plan is to ride from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego.
They started in late July and Rick and I have been following their progress on their website ever since.
Now in my personal opinion the end of July was a little bit late to start in the Arctic Circle what with winter literally right around the corner. I figured they would make their way through Canada and into Montana where they would settle down, find themselves jobs and wait it out until Spring. Instead they just kept going despite being hit by large winter storms in Alberta as early as September. They are in Arizona now and unfortunately for them, it is icy cold there as well.
The one guy, who calls himself Goat doesn't even wear shoes, seriously! and they are riding something like 80 miles a day through the snow!

Take a look at their photos and journal here. Riding the Spine.
Kind of makes me feel like a bit of a sissy.


Hunter Cycles said...

yay, a fellow canuck!

steve garro said...

i really miss that shit! however, off road armbiking has sufferin' aplenty! lookinf forward to seeing you guys around nahbs, steve.

Unknown said...

Check this out!

3 cyclists banned for riding Grand Canyon