Monday, January 08, 2007

Yesterdays Race

Cameron came out on top, taking the overall win for the Elite Men.

Our often lazy hound dog named Woody managed break free and chase after Cam on the course for a minute, blocking the rider trying to pass him (sorry about that) We don't give Woody enough credit sometimes, but he knows who his friends are!

Here's a picture with Josie Beggs behind me!!!! This only happened because she tripped on the barriers at the top of the hill off the start and I passed her. After that I think I just held her up and very shortly after that she shot by me, but it felt good for just a second. Of course I was wondering to myself, can she hear how hard I'm breathing right now? Why does it seem like no one else is breathing as hard as me?

I managed to get second overall in my category, and shared the podium with these two lovely ladies, Rona and Soni.

By the way I stole these photos from Rick Rasmussen


X Bunny said...

the pilarcitos series sure was fun this year

i enjoyed racing with you, you stud!

next year i plan to get close enough to be able to see you ahead of me!

X Bunny said...

i'm such a flea-brain

i meant the cccx series was fun!

Hunter Cycles said...

X bunny,
I knew what you meant. The CCCX series was fun.
Thanks, it was fun racing with you too!