Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Home Sick

I spent the last 4 winters in Baja guiding back country kayak trips.
I loved it down there, it was home before I met Rick and moved to Santa Cruz.
It's hard to describe in words, pictures are more fun!

My old bedroom, at sunrise with a high tide!

Our kitchen somewhere along the coast from Loreto to La Paz.

Cardon Cactus near Catavina.

Rick ripping some lips, in Bahia de Los Angeles. That sure is a big skull behind him.

la familia de Hunter

Countless days spent in a kayak.

This is the best picture I ever took of a whale, most of them look like barnacle encrusted logs floating in the ocean!

Good friends, at Sunset. Twilight in Baja is like nowhere else!

Ahhhh, I miss it! especially on a rainy day like this.

Can you believe this was my job!! Sea Kayak Adventures


Graham Jones said...

It is so cool that you were doing that for work. We are so luck to be able to do what we want.

Graham Jones said...