Monday, February 19, 2007

County Line Roundup #2

We have some more photos from Saturday thanks to Kirk.
The stories are rolling in, like the one about Micah who had a nasty crash on the tracks, finished the ride and then went home to get 13 stitches in his arm!! Nice!
Mr. Mike Martin riding for the devil.

This was the best part of the day. Cold beer, pepsis, cookies and sandwiches all thanks to David Gill and friends. Grant Stoner was there reminding us that it was a hot day in California baby.

Nice legs hot stuff!

Ahhh the finish......unless you were riding with Kirk, in which case he took you 10 mile detour to get to the warehouse where the party was!! It's a good thing David brought his flask with him!


Brent said...

dang missed it again.
I guess thats my annual thing at the same time.
You race, I miss.

Nice pic of Mike.

Hooptie said...

Nice Dave!